Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Nappy Journey

So... I found out the other day that me and my nappy hair will be traveling to Denmark on Monday - yes Denmark - for 5 days. I haven't yet been to this part of the world so I am ecstatic, but trying to pack correctly has me stressed. First of all (and most importantly), it is going to cold there. I hate being cold. I am known to sacrifice looking cool to be warm. However, I'm trying to make a good impression on the people of Denmark (because I'm so sure they'll be paying attention to me)so I want to be stylish. My biggest dilemma you ask? What am I going to put on my head?!?! I want something cute that will actually keep my head warm. The added challenge is to find a hat that's not wool, or any similar material, because it will leave lint in my hair. And have have you ever tried pulling little fibers out of locs? Not fun...

So, can anyone tell me where to find this hat?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I'm not sure my friend. Perhaps Lids? if you're looking for a fitted cap, LOL.

Up against the wall usually has some pretty cool, interesting hats!

The PYT said...'ve definitely got me beat with the "no wool" clause. What about Urban Outfitters? I got a knit hat from there that's very cute and warm yet doesn't product lint.

jtuuka said...

Thanks for your suggestions ladies!