Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A momentous occasion...

Testing 1, 2, 3 - Is this thing on?? I have something incredibly important to say. Here goes... today I pulled my locs back in a ponytail! Not an 'onytail where the short hair in the front slips out and hangs down in your face, but a REAL ponytail! You may be thinking, "That's nice, but is it it that serious?" Heck yeah it is! My hair has gone from long, to broken off and now (11 years later) back to long.

How did I accomplish this amazing feat? With the help of the amazing locticians at Urban Nature Styles in DC and some fabulous hair products.

I'm not sure how you plan to celebrate this amazing news, but I'm going to treat myself to a chai latte at Starbucks.


Kristin Alexis said...

mmmh, chai! Yummy! Good choice my friend, and congrats on the PONY tail!

The PYT said...

Mmmm!!! Chai, one of my personal favs as well, and of course extra pumps are a must.

Congrats on your ponytail!!! YAYYY!!!

Share with us about your hair products, which ones your recommend.

Anonymous said...

I got to see her in person...she is QUITE impression! CONGRATS!!